How to keep your testicles

I had this fantastic dinner with a friend last night. We were discussing life planning and how important it was to always know where you are heading. My friend is in his early 50′s and he just managed to sell his successful business to a big corporate, making lots of money in the process. At age 50 odd he is back to where he was when he left school. Remember that feeling? You just finished 12 years of slog at school. You stand there, pimple faced, the world in front of you, ready to receive whatever your hormone saturated mind can conceive. Suddenly the bravado from being at the pinnacle of success in school, which is reaching Matric and actually passing it, starts fading in the face of this vast landscape filled with those giants of opportunity and threats the world presents. You hear things like “go find a job” or “go study and at least get a degree” or “why don’t you backpack through Europe for a year” and sadly the level of wisdom you possess to make these decisions border on that of Buzz Lightyear’s. You spread your wings and shout “To infinity and beyond!” and you leap off into the abyss of Wrong Decision Valley.


Concerned about the next step and with a deep need to continue building valuable stuff, my friend explained how he was rigorously pursuing different ideas and formulating what it was that would make his next 30 years significant. I was amazed to hear him speak so passionately about his next step. What drives him most is taken up in a statement he made: “if you haven’t got a plan, you are most certainly busy with someone else’s plan”. That was shocking to hear. No, you’re not just cruising around figuring out what it is you were destined to be while the world is paying for your board and lodging. You’re wasting your time and your money (and probable someone else’s as well) on living someone else’s life. It’s that simple and it got me thinking.


The facts are that if you stand still in the stampede of life, someone will come along, force a copper ring through your nose, cut off your testicles and proceed to use you, to till their land. You’re left castrated from your destiny and have no choice but to submit to a life of mediocrity and emptiness. So many people I meet are testicle-less and are tilling lands that they will never possess. They go to work, do their job and go home. They do this week in and week out and the only relief from their sorry life is when, once a week, they get to watch young bulls with blue testicles run around touching and groping each other for the chance to squeeze an object, which to me looks a lot like a dinosaur testicle. It’s a sad state of affairs, but one that anyone who is willing, can conquer.


So how do you keep your testicles? If my friend, at 50 years of age, spends all his spare time to think about his next step and to plan carefully how this will manifest and turn his life into a poster book for significance, why are you at 30, not doing the same? Why are you not asking the hard questions? Why are you not spending every waking moment thinking about what really makes you significant? Why aren’t you looking for professional help to guide you to find your way? Why are you doing nothing?


There are no excuses. As was so aptly captured in William Ernest Henry’s poem, Invictus: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” It’s your responsibility and it’s your duty to man-kind to sort out your life. You need to find out what it is that makes you unique. You need to find out what you have to offer that will impact the world. You need to find out what knowledge you need to acquire and you need to start studying to become that person you were meant to be. It takes courage and it takes some hard thinking and hard work, but anyone can do it and I am here to tell you that if you want it, you will have it. It’s in your power to determine your life’s destiny. It’s right there in front of you. It was created before you were born and it’s within the grasp of your hands. God made us in His image and there is no other like us. That means no one else in this world can offer what you can. You are a monopoly and as you know there are no monopolies in the world that are unsuccessful.


It’s time for you take action. Start asking those hard questions and start searching for those answers, right now. I know it’s daunting and I know it’s scary and it will require every last drop of your will-power. But you owe it to yourself. Don’t be led by your nose any longer. Don’t continue living like this. Don’t throw away your life, because you were too scared to find your way. Get up now. It is your time, it’s your life and it’s your testicles. Don’t lose them.